Brass Kitchen Apron Rounded Front with Squared ends Sink Basin-Double Equal Well

All of our brass sink finishes are living finishes and will age naturally. Shiny will tarnish and rustic brass can lighten with use.
You can use Liquid Barkeepers Friend or the like to remove tarnish from a shiny sink. A little wax or oil will help maintain the finish longer.

Do not clean Rustic Brass with brass cleaners as they will lighten the finish. Mild soap and water is all that you need.


33 - 33"x22"x9" O.D.  13.75"x18" I.D. each side

36 - 36"x22"x9" O.D. 15.25"x18" I.D. each side

38 - 38"x22"x9" O.D. 16.25"x18" I.D. each side

42 - 42"x22"x9" O.D. 18.25"x18" I.D. each side

Brass Rounded Front Kitchen Sinks-Double 50/50 Bowls (FHA-W2-R-5050)

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